Sunday, January 25, 2015

Minimalist Design: Airstream Acupuncture Clinic

“An Airstream is a lot like a first love: you are lured by her charm, seduced by her beauty, and once bitten, you are forever chasing after her mystique.” ― Bruce Littlefield, Airstream Living   

Today's episode is about a woman in North Carolina who took that love and mystique of an airstream and combined it with her other passion... Acupuncture.  Christina Fish is one of the most innovated clinic designers in the United States and chooses to have her acupuncture clinic in an AIRSTREAM. That’s right! No accident of nouns or compound modifiers. Christina is operating an incredible mobile acupuncture clinic in an Airstream.

 She began this journey almost on a lark. She found an Airstream from 1970 (not by time travel); completely had it refurbished, and is operating a mobile acupuncture clinic in the State of North Carolina. She can be found in the heart of downtown Durham at the local Farmer’s Market. She rises early every morning, hitches up the Airstream and drives to her location to open her clinic. People will come in droves to be treated with needles and moxa. Yes, she has high-speed fans to aid in removing the noxious moxa smell from the clinic. She prides herself on treating everything that literally wanders across her doorstep. Christina recently commented about her idea behind Silver Current Acupuncture, her clinic, and the Airstream:

“People are so busy that sometimes simply taking care of ourselves is seen as a luxury and not a necessity,” Christina says. “If I can remove one hurdle by making the access to acupuncture a bit easier, I have accomplished what I set out to do.”

She certainly has gained an incredible reputation in the Durham area with her innovative approach for an acupuncture clinic. Be sure to find her if you’re in North Carolina; or you may simply bump into her on the backroads!

Acupuncture Durham

Located at The Durham Farmers' Market which is held in the Pavilion at Durham Central Park! 501 Foster Street in the heart of downtown Durham.