Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why Leading Cancer Hospitals Are Turning to Acupuncture


MD Anderson Acupuncture

MD Anderson is one of the top ranking oncology centers in the United States.  Excelling in cutting edge scientific research to find cures and answers for a wide range of cancers.

Yet, MD Anderson's Integrative Medicine Center looks at a treatment method 3,000 years in the making... ACUPUNCTURE

Dr. Mary K Garcia is leading these scientific inquires.  She started her first study in 1978 with a simple and specific question: "Does acupressure increase test taking scores in nursing students".  Outcome was positive, yes it did.

40 years later she has lead the way in researching the use of acupuncture for many more diseases and symptoms.

Those studies include the use of acupuncture for xerostomia induced by radiation, myalgia from aromatase inhibitors in breast cancer patients, uncontrollable pain in cancer patients, and chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy.

A topic less discussed, in which Dr. Garcia finds great interest in is optimal dosing.  What is the optimal dose of acupuncture for specific patients with different ailments and TCM Differentiations. These statistics are vital in all other medical treatments but less studied in acupuncture.  A major reason is the cost to the patient.  With insurances not covering acupuncture the cost is then transferred to the patient.  Some patients can only afford 1 treatment a week.  So.... How much benefit can a person gain from being treated one time a week for 4 weeks compared to 2 treatments a week for 2 weeks.

Today's episode discusses her findings at MD Anderson and future studies to come. A fascinating look at a part of chinese medicine that is more than often behind closed doors to most acupuncturists.

*The treatment protocols below are still in trial and should not be considered a direct recommendation from MD Anderson.

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