Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Children's Book Brings Acupuncture To Life

Just in case you have been hiding in a hole since November of 2014, a kids book about acupuncture was released last year titled:  Maya and Friends Visit the Acupuncturist.  The author, Samara White, is an acupuncturist in Seattle, Washington while her husband, Troy White, is the illustrator.  Together this married couple has created a new and lively book for kids, acupuncturists, and patients.
(images above showcase just a part of the design process)

The story is about Maya, a free thinking, independent girl and her animal friends (Ellie the Elephant and Bobby the Bear).  Maya starts out the book with a great big sneeze "Achooo Achooo".

From there, her and her animal friends set out on an adventure to fix this cold.  Instead of going to a doctor at a hospital, they take a sleigh down the hills of their snowy town to Dr. Meow's acupuncture clinic. The story then dives into the full particulars of how Traditional Chinese Medicine works, with words and pictures a kid can understand.

We will not give out details to exactly how Maya rids herself of her cold.  No spoiler alerts here. You can watch the animation below and listen to children play the role of the characters. Guaranteed to make any acupuncturist smile throughout.

To own a copy for yourself you can buy Maya and Friends Visit the Acupuncturist at: