Monday, July 21, 2014

Julia Child of TCM

Julia Child was the French Chef but she's got nothing on Tara Akuna the Canadian Acupuncture Chef

Episode #27 Chinese Medical Food Cures
Tara Akuna LAc, founder of Edible Nourishment, joins the show today from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Her idea and business, meal plans based off of Chinese medical diagnosis.  Menopause weighing you down?  Eat a yin deficiency/hormone nourishing cookie !!! 

What is Edible Nourishment?
Edible Nourishment is the result of thousands of hours of cooking, thousands of hours of traditional Chinese medical school, and a mother being fed up that there was no good source of recipes and diet plans for Chinese medicine diagnosis such as Liver Qi Stasis, Kidney Yin Deficiency, and so on.

Tara Akuna in the garden with her little man

While battling a severe bout of insomnia after her first born child, Tara Akuna LAc, founder of Edible Nourishment, went looking for food that would nourish both her newborn and herself.  After finding very little in help, she combined both her Italian heritage of cooking and her TCM training. The food recipes she wanted to create would be easy to make (30 minutes or less) and would follow TCM principles of nourishing the body.  Her collection of work is now known as Edible Nourishment.  By going to her website you can purchase and view recipe packages for

These recipes come with:

  • Health Guidelines for Optimal Healing
  • Food Charts
  • Beverages
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert

Our favorite recipes, in which we kept out front for all our patients, was the Gluten Free Chocolate Menopause Nourishing Cookies.

We asked her "what is one type of food or ingredient people are not eating enough of?"
Tara's response, without hesitation, "TEFF FLOUR!!!!"

To find out more about the rest of her story and why Teff flour is AWESOME listen here.

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