Monday, February 9, 2015

iPad EHR for Acupuncturists Has Arrived !

EMR and software for acupuncturists, iPad


"QiNotes is an iPad based EHR/EMR software made exclusively for Acupuncture and Chinese medical clinics."

A patient's record, their health record, is indistinguishable from that actual person. It is a representation of their past, current, and future health and wellness.

As acupuncturists we have been given little options for the format, storage, and security of those records. QiNotes is the first glimpse into what current technologies can provide to optimize both quality of patient care and the clinical management of those records.

"Define Your Clinic: QiNotes"

Designed for the IPad, it's potential is theoretically limitless because of Apples active and pending
patents on clinic and patient technologies.  Currently QiNotes provides.

    EHR Quote
  • Cancer Warning System - if a patient over a period of time accumulates enough systems that could indicate the possibility of cancer, the acupuncturists is notified on that person's record with a warning flag
  • Work flow designed for clinic setting - the work flow of the app follows how an acupuncturist treats a patient in a clinical setting starting with: 1) intake of symptoms and illness 2)observational data such as pulse, tongue, abdominal diagnosis, and other visual cues 3) Chinese medical diagnosis and differentiation 4) lastly treatment options provided to patient
  • Tongue, Stomach, Ear, and Cupping interactive modules - these functionalities allow acupuncturist to draw on these models, along with different colors, what they see and treated in each patient
  • Acupuncture Points, medications, single herbs, and formulas database - a list of all points, herbs, formulas, and pharmaceutical medications are pre-loaded to streamline entry of those items
  • Online Patient intake form - patient is sent an online intake form, which when filled out, automatically appears on their record in the QiNotes system, limiting patient information that has to be filled in later by either the acupuncturists or staff
  • And many more...


We at Yin Yang Podcast worked with a design team of Rade and Eccles. (READ THEIR STORY) Composed of a fortune 500 coding engineer/database solutions expert and a doctorate of user interface design and computer human interaction technology.  The foundation and future of what QiNotes is and will become became very clear early on in their design. So much so that the standards and protocols implemented in the first design 2 years ago are just now being recognized by the American College of Physicans as a standard that should be strived for as a baseline of excellence in EHR management and physician experience.*

Having played a role in design and development of this technology we are very proud and honored to present the APP and hope you enjoy the experience.  Please keep the comments coming so Yin Yang Podcast and QiNotes continually morphs and changes to what the practicing acupuncturist wants and needs.


*Kuhn T, Basch P, Barr M, Yackel T, for the Medical Informatics Committee of the American College of Physicians*. Clinical Documentation in the 21st Century: Executive Summary of a Policy Position Paper From the American College of Physicians.