Sunday, April 6, 2014

Panacea or Poison: Chinese Medicine with Kidney Failure

Episode 20: Panacea or Poison
Travis Spire-Sweet, LAc., first received acupuncture at the age of 13 for chronic kidney disease and made it another 17 years before he needed a transplant.  Thanks in large part to acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  Travis eventually received a kidney transplant in February of 2013 from his fiancĂ©.  Today he shares what he has found Chinese medicine can do for people with kidney disease by combining classical theory and current western research.

Treating patients on dialysis or post transplant can be very difficult in Chinese medicine.  Not because of the effectiveness of the medicine but because of the possible interactions and complications with the dialysate or immunosuppressive therapy.  The therapeutic range for immunosuppressant is very narrow, meaning that any minor changes can be catastrophic.
The podcast today covers acupuncture, acupressure, over the counter supplements, herbs that are dangerous in kidney disease, and herbs that are safe and beneficial.

Outline of Episode:
(Time location in Podcast)(Section)
1. 3:49 Introduction
2. 15:08 What Kidneys Do
3. 16:30 What Dialysis Does
4. 17:59 Is There a Magical Cure Out There?
5. 19:10 Acupuncture and Acupressure
            a. 19:20 Fatigue
            b. 22:30 Insomnia and Depression
            c. 23:46 Diabetic Neuropathy
            d. 25:05 Gastroparesis
            e. 26:05 Erectile Dysfunction
            f. 27:21 Uremic Pruritus
6. 30:43 Chinese Herbs and Supplements
            a. 30:54 Negatives
                        i. Herbs to Stay Away From
                        ii. Aristolochic Acid Plants
                        iii. Google Search
            b. 44:01 Positives
                        i. 47:21 Erythropoietin Resistant Anemia
                        ii. 47:50 Pruritus
                        iii.48:21 Fistula Maturation
                        iv. 48:54 Colonic Dialysis
                        v. 49:03 Post Transplant

View Power Point
Travis going under before his transplant

Preparing to remove donor kidney
Travis recovering post transplant


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