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Lions, Tigers, and Bears O MY

Paulo the howler monkey
Episode 25: Lions, Tigers, and Bears O MY
Description: Dr. Daneila Lewgoy joins the show from Porto Alegre, Brazil.  Her clients are not of the human type.  Rather as a veterinarian who specializes in acupuncture and herbs she sees more of the exotic animals.  How do you find UB-23 on a python?  Or does Yin Tang work on a howler monkey?  To her though, it’s normal, she just goes to work everyday! 

Dr. Daniela Lewgoy, having been a small animal surgeon for 4 years, decided that she was not doing enough for her animal patients by just cutting and prescribing medication.  It was at this turning point when she began to specialize in acupuncture and herbs for her animal friends of all shapes and sizes.  With her increase in holistic medicine she found less and less need for invasion surgeries (yet still necessary at times).

In Brazil her clientele does not only consist of cats and dogs, but of large snakes, fish, howler monkeys, birds, pigs, porcupines, anteaters, horses, and a plethora of other creatures.  A few of them are pictured below from her Instagram account.
Paulo the howler monkey was taken in after a fall from a tree then a dog attack

Nut Moxa Therapy (1 of 2):  Herbs are placed inside the nut, moxa is then added to the top of the nut, used in many eye conditions

Nut Moxa Therapy (2 of 2)

Python getting treated for neurological condition

Not always easy to find or needle a hedgehog

This gold fish had a bladder disorder.  Doing very well!

TV interview in Brazil

Dr. Daniela Lewgoy

Vet School - Lutheran University of Brazil 2004
Veterinary Acupuncture - Institute Bioethicus 2010
Chinese Herbal Medicine – Institute Bioethicus 2010
Training in animal chiropractic and osteopathy – International Academy of Animal Chiropractice
Small Animal Surgery – 2004-2008

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