Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Man, Revolutionizing TCM Textbooks


Albert Stern is an acupuncturist in Denver, Co.  He is also a professor at Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Southwest Acupuncture College.  To aid in his students ability to learn point location he has taken his background as a medical illustrator and created TCM Picture Book.

Episode #17: One Man, Revolutionizing TCM Textbooks
Episode Description: Albert Stern, a licensed acupuncturist in Denver, Colorado, visits the show today. He describes the downfalls in current point location textbooks and how he is increasing the students chance for success with acupuncture medical illustrations, TCM Picture Book!
About TCM Picture Book:
Studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is not easy. There is just a ton of new information to take in, comprehend, and remember. It is a challenge to everyone studying the medicine.
TCM Picture Book provides texts and study guides to help in the process of learning Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Albert Stern
About Stickrust:
Stickrust is Albert's artistic pseudonym.  The art work he produces as stickrust is painted with finger paint.  Subject matter is often abstract facial portraits and lively colorful bird images.

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